Taking the framework of written language as a reference, a normative model is created that orders movement, in the same way that syntax does in language, and movement is incorporated into it in the same way as vocabulary and semantics in language. The visual and sound context contribute to the creation of meaning, of which the spectator is an active part. Space constitutes the model, the norm, on which everything is ordered. Specifically, the geometric shape of the cube is the axis on which movement is created. This cube is rotated, enlarged, reduced, giving rise to an infinite number of variations that constitute the vocabulary of movement of the piece. The work contemplates the active role of the spectator as the author of the work, as it requires his participation as a creator of meanings.

Company: Almudena Pérez
Duration: 30’
Language: Without text
Categoría: Dance
Origen: Basque Country
Cast: Denis Martínez (Performer); Almudena Pérez (Performer & Choreographer); Unai Barrio (Technician)

Almudena Pérez premiered in 2014 with the piece “Le Rouge nº 6” at Laban Studio Theatre. In 2015, the solo “Daedalus” premiered as part of the Rodadanza Collective in Madrid and later at the SismOFFgraf festival in Olot. In 2017 she premieres “Write your Dance” as part of the TRIBE International Arts Festival in London, sponsored by La Juan Gallery (Madrid). In 2020 “Aspects” is selected as part of the Transizioak program of Harrobiain Bilbao, and premiered in November 2021 at the Kupula hall of the Campos Elíseos Theater in Bilbao.