Las actrices siempre mienten

A scenic investigation that starts from the stereotype and the clichés associated with the universe of the actress (what does an actress know how to do just because she is an actress?), to use it as an excuse, to transcend it and to talk about the issues that interest us as creators and as individuals (profession, gender, precariousness). All the castings, tests, courses, workshops that we have done throughout our lives with the aim of being solvent actresses have not served us for that, it is true, but with all this we have built this piece of contemporary theater.

Company: El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar
Length: 75′.
Language: Spanish
Category: Theater
Origin: Catalonia
Cast: Cristina Celada (Text, Dramaturgy, Direction, Interpretation); Gloria March Chulvi (Text, Interpretation); Amaranta Velarde (Artistic assistance); Sergio Roca (Technical design); Ignasi Rubio (Videos); Marta Martínez Rocha (Graphic design); Victor Calero – Andrés Pino (Photography).

EL POLLO CAMPERO, COMIDAS PARA LLEVAR was born in March 2012 and shows a first approximation of its work months later in the IN-FORMALS of La Poderosa (Barcelona, November 2012). From then on, the company continues researching and performing different scenic tests until the premiere of its first complete piece entitled SEKVANTARO. CODEPENDENT PIECES OF RELATIVE DURATION IN WHICH THE ACTRESSES TRY NOT TO DO THEATER in the framework of the international festival of new scenic researchers V CENIT (TNT-Atalaya), where they receive the award for best show. After that, they perform in different festivals, including the ACT Festival 2014, where they also receive the award for best direction. At the same time, they receive the award for best newcomer show at the II Premios Andaluces de Teatro. They tour with this first show in different venues and festivals (GREC-Antic Teatre Barcelona, Escena Abierta-Burgos, Festival InTacto-Vitoria, FRINGE-Matadero de Madrid, Festival Fronterizo-Santander, Ateneo MuchaVida-Madrid).