ACT Festival

5-8 Junio 2024

ACT FESTIVAL 2024 programming will take place in four different venues, in Bilbao and Barakaldo: Guggenheim Museoa, Sala BBK, Kafe Antzokia and Teatro Barakaldo Antzokia.

“In order to attend the ACT shows as an audience, we offer two options: to purchase the ACT FESTIVAL Voucher at the different participating venues, or to buy individual tickets for each session.”

To access detailed information about the sessions, the plays and companies that will be part of ACT FESTIVAL 2024 download the hand program in PDF version or consult the extended on-line version a little further down.

Session in Kafe Antzokia

Mierda de Ciudad

Mierda de Ciudad
Olatz Gorrotxategi | Bilbao

The history of Basque radical rock


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