Message ACT 2024

Peripeteia is the essence of the unexpected that twist that takes us by surprise and redefines our path. During the pandemic, our routines were transformed, our certainties vanished, and we found ourselves in the midst of a global drama that challenged us in unimaginable ways. Yet, as in the best stories, in adversity we found the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. This festival is a celebration of that human capacity to adapt and thrive in the midst of uncertainty. The plays we will see on stage not only reflect the peripeteia in their plots, but also in the resilience of their creators. Each piece is a testament to how art can capture and transform the human experience, offering both solace and confrontation.

In this new world, peripeteia is not just a narrative device, but a shared reality. We have learned that the unexpected can come at any time, and that we must be prepared to face change with creativity and courage. The stories we tell are mirrors of our struggle, our hope and our ability to find beauty and meaning in the midst of chaos.

As the curtain rises, let us remember that each play is an invitation to enter different worlds and to live multiple lives through the eyes of the characters. May this festival be a beacon of inspiration, a space where the adventure teaches us that, although the path may be uncertain, there is always room for wonder, transformation and hope.