Punto y seguido

The need to express ourselves with our own language has pushed us down new paths in search of a personal and complementary identity for both of us. We believe that the situation we have just gone through has awakened in us the need to redefine our idea of “the essential”. We wanted to make this the starting point for imagining the future! A future that today seems uncertain to us, hence the growing desire to seek a balance among ourselves with the awareness of being part of a whole. But how can we assert our wills without hindering the natural evolution of time?

Company: Labotilar
Duration: 25’
Language: Castellano con subtítulos en Inglés y Euskera
Category: Dance
Origin: France
Cast: Angel Martinez Hernandez (Performer & Coreographer); Vito Giotta (Performer & Choreographer); Helena Payan (Technician)

Labotilar started 13 years ago, from a mutual interest in creation through choreography. Labotilar’s work is aimed at sharing the many cultures it has encountered throughout its career and discovering those that remain to be encountered. This desire to collaborate with artists from different worlds gives Labotilar the opportunity to explore new creative paths, to get rid of labels and in doing so, open the doors to a freedom linked to the present need. Our goal is to transmit all this to the public through Dance. Dream and magic are the foundations of our work!