La primera cárcel

A young man (Bateleur) receives a call in the middle of the night: a lady tells him that his mother has died. Bateleur has not spoken to her for years, he doubts if he should go, he doubts what to do with the body, he doubts if he is still dreaming. Through the use of masks, mannequins and an atmospheric sound space, this hallucinatory story is told about the mother-child relationship, youth-age and the ever increasing technological dependence in our society.

Company: Álvaro Octavio Moliner
Duration: 20’
Language: Spanish with subtitles in English & Basque
Category: Theatre
Origin: Valencia
Cast: Álvaro Octavio Moliner (Direction, Lighting Design, Performer); Vir Roig (Sound Design & Performer); Luis Peset (Performer).

The relationship of the members of the company Álvaro Octavio Moliner arises in the Escuela de Arte Dramático de Valencia around the studies of Stage Direction where they all met in 2012. Over the years the collaborations have been numerous through the Isquion Collective, with which they perform several works and also audiovisual pieces.